In these challenging times and with the COVID-19 situation...
Dear  Friend ,
In these challenging times and with the COVID-19 situation evolving worldwide, and affecting all areas of life and business, there has never been a better time to pause, reflect and work on bettering yourself, your business and your community, use this time wisely.

With so much uncertainty, we at Success Resources choose to focus on what's important, to take this time and invest it in productivity and execution, to minimise the impact of this pandemic through the courage, resilience and tenacity this business was built upon.

As a global company we have postponed all major large-scale events until July 1st , and when you are producing in excess of 500 events globally , it is a major decision and commitment, which is unprecedented in the history of this business. Yet, we are optimistic about the coming months.

We know that simple things like using our time wisely can produce the next success story. History has proven that in the times of great turbulence , be it economic , political or social , these are the times of the greatest success stories by the people that plan , focus and use the time wisely. Unnecessary worry and fear will not produce a positive outcome. But use your time wisely, just like during the London Bubonic Plague, when Isaac Newton invented Calculus as he was forced to work from home.

As the industry leader in personal development education we know through experience, there are 5 key things you can do to grow your mindset in adversity. Our Success Resources Director, Michael Lane shares his tips HERE.

Let’s take this time to be productive and a positive influence. Let's not make decisions based on fear and desperation but rather focus on what serves us best. Now is the perfect time to reset , plan and ready yourself , this situation will not last forever and when it passes, you need to make sure you are ready for the opportunities that will arise.

We will continue to keep in touch with updates and information in these unique circumstances.

Look after yourself and each other!

To your success,

Richard Tan - Chairman
Success Resources

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